rin’ comes from the pronunciation of Chinese character ‘零’ (zero), conveying the meaning of ‘0’.

For us, 

0 is ‘less is more’

Uphold to only keep the necessary, has to be interesting and easy to understand at the same time. 

0 is a series of the idea of future

Products is not only fun, but contains the view of the future world, may change the living attitude of human beings. ‘rin’ is the yearn for great attitude in future; to observe, to decide and build collection based on the same belief. 

0 is a circle

‘rin’ is system in a state of mutual harmony. The progress within development could affect many people and things; instead of maximize the benefits, we choose to make decisions with the most responsible mind. In this cycle, everything closely related to each other, respecting the ecological, socially responsible. 

0 is entire global

Without borders, we are all mankind on earth. Our core value is managing every work with the 'real industrial' mindset - whatever we do, we do it full responsibly.